How can an Animated Explainer Video Help Your Business Grow?

An explainer video is an excellent digital marketing tool used to explain your business and create meaningful engagement with your potential clients or customers. Explainer videos are easy ways to gain more traffic and improve conversions in business. 

Here are 5 key benefits of explainer videos for your business:

1. Explainer Videos Help Simplify Concepts

Customers will mostly buy when they know your product very well. Explainer videos can help you simplify your product’s or service’s story. 

You want to communicate with your customers in ways they understand. Sharing technical terms with customers is, at times, a difficult task. The language should be simple and relatable. 

Explainer videos synthesize ideas into ways viewers can comprehend very quickly. Customers understand how the product solves their problem and why they should have it. 

Character personification is excellent for target marketing. For example, using animal characters to build your story or signages to give directions. A short motion in action to replicate user interaction is very impactful in relaying a message.  

You can craft and rehearse your ideas to present a flawless, well-thought-out message in a corporate explainer video. A report by Invisia suggests that 95% of those who watch a video can remember the message, while 10% in reading. 

A saas explainer video explains how your product works. Viewers understand your value and why they should have your product. Organizations also use explainer videos to create awareness of a situation with great accuracy and simple message delivery.

2. Explainer Videos Help Improve Brand Awareness.

In the era of content marketing, customers want to understand your products and services even more. Take them through how to use your services and products, how you solve their problems, and why you’re the best in the market.

Explainer videos are great at keeping the story going. In marketing campaigns, you can use various characters to express different scenarios and emotions.

The more customers understand how unique your product is, the more they’ll buy.  Use explainer videos to start conversations that inspire and relate, improving customer awareness and satisfaction for business growth. 

An excellent way to solve customer problems is to answer their FAQs. Provide answers creatively and satisfactorily. 

Use an explainer video on your website’s landing page to improve session duration and stay time. The more visitors stay on your site, the more likely they will buy!

Explainer videos can be short and fun. Fans can share the reels on social media to enjoy the light moments. A bonus to your marketing campaign. 

3. Animated Explainer Videos Help You Explain Your Content in a Unique Way

Consumers love uniqueness. With animated explainer videos, you stand out from your competitors. In just one minute, you create a story that will echo for a long time. 

Animated explainer videos are creative ways to address market problems and solutions you are providing. You can ‘write your story in a whiteboard explainer video and make it easy to follow. 

Motion graphics are very interactive in a marketing campaign. Marketers can go bold, expressive, and entertaining to the audience. The famous Red Bull ‘Gives You Wings’ marketing campaign is a good example.

Explainer videos also allow you to shift between emotions quickly and cleanly. 

4. Increase Your Website Traffic

As a digital marketer, you always want to increase traffic to your client’s website. That way, you have time to convert them into sales. 

Recent research reveals that explainer videos increase website traffic. Despite being a short video, visitors understand your business, and more can enter the conversion funnel. 

Attract more visitors to engage with your website content to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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5. Explainer Video is a Wise Investment

Any business, whether an SME or MNC, operates under budget. A company expects maximum ROI, including in marketing campaigns. Explainer videos are short but timeless. 

Explainer videos require a small team to produce, and you can consult Mutzz Creative to produce all your marketing animated videos. Your brand deserves a good story!

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